Being Incomplete Is a Part of Life


“You will always have at least one egg in your basket.” – Anonymous poet

I read that quote somewhere as a teenager and still holds true today. Basically, it is saying that no matter how much you try to solve every problem, you will always have at least one. That is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people. Those people either try so hard to defeat every problem that they eventually succumb to stress or they stop giving a damn about life. So if you are striving for “completeness” or being “whole” in your life, then stop that! Being incomplete is a part of life.

I know it sounds crazy as hiz’ell to say on a motivation blog to stop trying to be complete. Nonetheless, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. For example, if you was trying to become the greatest singer in the world, but can’t hit a high note, low note or any type of note, it would be fruitless for you to continue to pursue your dream. I understand it is your passion, but some things aren’t meant for us to complete. I wanted to be in the NBA, NFL, secret agent spy, and host of other things growing up. You think because I didn’t complete any of those goals that I am wallowing in misery? No, I’m not. Instead, I am happy as hiz’ell being a personal trainer and freelancing for people, including my own blog.

Even if you complete a goal, you will never be able to fully complete it. For instance, if you reached your goal of losing weight, you have to work forever to maintain it. There will be days when you gonna eat more than Free Willy and gain weight. Will you feel depress about it or know it is just one day? Life shows you that you aren’t meant to be fully complete. That is why you were born with one leg shorter than the other. Your teeth aren’t perfectly straight. You were better in Math than English in school. You aren’t meant to be complete in everything.

While it is normal to be incomplete, I’m not saying to be a bum! This wouldn’t be a motivation website if I did. Always strive hard in every endeavor you want to pursue. You only get one life so might as well go all out in whatever goal you set for yourself. Nonetheless, don’t carry the burden that you have to complete that goal to be complete. Some things aren’t meant to be. As long as you gave it 100% effort, that is complete in itself.

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