Fitness Exercises For Beginners


Whether someone is new to the gym or starting anew, they all need a good solid starter program. The following fitness exercises are ideal for anyone to kick-start their training over the next six weeks.

Getting Started With This Program

Anyone starting with this program does not need to worry. This is tailored to fit perfectly for those just getting started as well as those who have experience in the gym. The great majority of people will be able to easily incorporate this regimen into a successful fitness plan.

This plan does not offer complicated lifting programs, but does offer a progressive lifting regimen that can take the beginner and those rebounding to higher levels than they thought possible. This is not extreme exercise and yet it will offer challenges to any level of lifter.

This plan uses three areas of exercise that are encountered each week during this six week fitness plan. The plan is based on working out three days a week. While other fitness regimens may say to work out more days, it is not recommended with this program. The results will be there following the plan for those who stick with it.

Many of those who start a workout plan like this one believe they are building muscle in the gym. This is a misconception. The gym is where muscle is torn and damaged. It is only afterwards, if enough rest is allowed for the body to rebuild the muscle, that growth actually happens. For anyone following this program, it is imperative that they get enough of the right kind of rest to get the best results.

Intensity in the gym is the key to maxing out and ultimately achieving the best results. Anyone who goes to the gym and does a leisurely workout has wasted their time. To build muscle and fitness, you need to go to the point of failure. Doing more reps has its place, but for the purposes of muscle building and increased fitness, putting on more weight and going to the failure point is the very best way to get the fastest results with this plan.

As someone develops it is important that they continue to change and add more weights. Anyone who starts off doing squats with 20 pound dumbbells, but finds the following week it is considerably easier for them, should increase to 30 or 35 pounds and take it to the point of failure. It does not help anyone to take it easy when doing this program. It is important that everyone remembers why they are there. It is only 3 days a week and only about an hour each time, so that is why it is necessary to push it. Of course no one should go to such an extreme that they injure themselves.

As someone begins they may decide that they want to do three sets of 12 reps each. If they complete 12 reps, but could have completed more, then they are not working with enough intensity.

This plan of fitness exercises requires one to be ready to put themselves into the routine fully. Use weights that cause a failure at the eleventh or twelfth rep. This plan calls for those following it, to use a weight training workout for the upper body on Monday. Wednesday will be intense cardio. Friday will be a weight training workout for the lower body.

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