Healthy and Low Calories Lettuce.
Food / 30.10.2014

Juicy green and crispy lettuce is one of the incredible leafy vegetables packed with essential nutrients that benefit overall general health. Lettuce works perfect for people who care about their weight or have a diet coz it gives a wonderful feeling of fullness and it has a lot of vitamins with minerals and low calories. The most popular types of Lettuce: ICEBERG LETTUCE Iceberg is the most popular lettuce. It has crispy and hard le...

How To: Get Toned Up For Summer! (For Beginners)
Fitness / 23.09.2014

In this video targeting the core muscles, arms and under the bum to achieve some perkiness! I do this routine about 3/4 times a week (first thing & late afternoon) and other advanced workouts which I will show yous soon. Hope this helps.

Parkour goes from YouTube fad to fitness craze
Fitness / 26.07.2014

BROOKLINE, Mass. (AP) — The spirited sport known as parkour that treats the world as one big obstacle course is gaining traction outside of the urban enthusiasts whose YouTube-worthy acrobatics spread its popularity. Once the domain of the outdoor anti-athlete, its becoming the go-to sport for people who just want a good workout. Jessamyn Hodge, a 32-year-old software and information engineer from South Boston, recently prepped for h...

Top 10 tips to beat cellulite
Beauty / 02.07.2014

How to beat cellulite through exercise The truth is nearly all women have cellulite. A staggering 90 per cent of post-adolescent women have the dreaded ‘orange peel-skin’ look. It is not related to obesity and is found on skinny and overweight women alike. Although it is hard to totally eradicate, follow our top 10 tips to beat cellulite and you will see a difference in as little as seven days … Drink well to beat cellulite Drink six...

Yoga and Winter Health
Equipment / 30.04.2014

It’s that time again: it’s dark at 5pm, and you’re spending more time inside around other people. Even my regular yoga classes are more crowded, and there is always one person who’s sneezing or coughing. It raises the question of how your yoga practice might keep you healthier during the winter months and if it’s helpful when you do fall prey to seasonal illness. To get a clearer handle on this, we need to look at the body’s infectio...

Budget Friendly Tips: How to Keep Skin Healthy in Spring
Beauty / 28.03.2014

Winter has ended leaving your skin a casualty. Those three long months of staying home near the fireplace could easily make your skin dry and even look older. Spring symbolizes transformation and growth as we welcome the sun and the warm weather. It is also the right time to baby your skin before you go out again. This may be challenging if you are out of budget. The question is how to keep skin healthy in the most affordable way. He...

Kate Upton Dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy for Several Months Already
News / 17.12.2013

Another week, another celebrity couple coming out with their relationship. Kate Upton has changed her mind and showed the world that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is actually her boyfriend. Kate Upton was rumored to be dating the Dancing With The Stars pro for some time. Last week the couple demonstrated their romance on New York’s streets. The Sports Illustrated model looked happy walking with 33-year-old Maksim Chmerkovskiy hand-in-hand. The...

Research: Men More Successful in Weight Loss Routine than Women
News / 12.11.2013

Men are more successful in solving weight loss problems than women, at least when they use Slimming World’s diet approach. The British weight management organization followed the progress of 1.2 million people. Weight loss research has got enough statistical data to conclude that the nature made it easier to slim for human males. And the cultural factors play to their favor as well. Key points for men: Men’s brains are more solutions...

How to Create Your Own Olive Oil Treatment
Beauty / 04.11.2013

Olive oil types vary from pale golden yellow to dark green color, but the lightest one is its purest called “extra virgin.” Olive oil is also good for the health proven to regulate blood pressure, fight cancer, reduce asthma attacks and aid in weight loss. However, it also has a lot of beauty benefits to offer. Thanks to its vitamin E! It is rich in antioxidants, protects skin from UV rays, and repairs skin cells damage as well. <...

Chocolate-Cherry Snack Bars
Food / 22.01.2013

These cereal bars are chewy, crunchy and delicious with good-for-you seeds, nuts, fruit and little explosions of chocolate. We like the flavor of dried cherries or cranberries, but any coarsely chopped dried fruit will work. Make Ahead Tip: Store airtight for up to 1 week. RECIPE INGREDIENTS 2 1/2 cups unsweetened puffed wheat cereal 1/2 cup pecan halves, chopped medium-fine 1/3 cup salted roasted pepitas (see Notes) 1/4 cup dried ch...