The benefits of fitness for women


Just a short time before in the 70-s-80-s girls of different sizes and shapes were fashionable. Men paid attention both to yummy women and slim ladies. Nowadays everything has changed completely – slim and fit girls,  we can see at magazine pages and on the Internet, are treated as high priority. And now each female tends to reach this beau ideal. To become perfect you should eat right food and work on your fitness.

What is fitness?

Now each person knows that fitness is a method using which we can shape our body to become slender and sportier. Due to the physical activity and a healthy diet you can achieve good results. Fitness is very popular among people who follow a healthy lifestyle. This method includes the following: pilates, fitbox, callanetics, aerobics, dancing and etc.

How to select a training program

It is possible to do fitness at home, doing various physical exercises or buy fitness club membership to experience all sorts of directions. In a fitness club your coach can create your individual training plan. Everything depends on what result you expect to achieve. For girls and women, willing to burn extra pounds, aerobic activities in the fitness center will fit. It can be a treadmill, stationary bike, stepper or elliptical trainer.

If you want to achieve body definition then press machines will help you: gravitron exercise machine, platform, cross over cable machine, rope pull point and etc. They certainly do not facilitate weight loss but makes your body more elastic and slender, raise muscle tone of your buttocks, thighs and chest.

Training benefit and effectiveness.

To achieve the goal you need to exercise at least 2–3 times a week on a regular basis. After all, various physical exercises are beneficial for the health and beauty of every woman. For some ladies with no experience it is not easy to be immediately comfortable with exercise machines and equipment. In this case they feel relaxed and reduce load intensity. In this siruation a personal trainer will be great help  as with his assistance it is easier to do exercises on certain exercise machines. A good instructor will provide you with a correct and sensible advice, select a special set of exercises just for you, correct a diet and advise about all the peculiarities of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


By Dr. V.Bagiriv

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